TC Metal: The Leader in Electrical Steel

For more than 20 years TC Metal has been providing grain-oriented (GOES) and non-oriented (NOES) electrical steel to North America’s leading transformer manufacturers.

TC Metal is a leader in the processing of electrical steel.
Because this is all we do, you can count on us for:

Quality • Reliability • Consistency • Shorter lead times • Competitive pricing


Electrical steel is TC Metal’s only product. No one can meet your specifications with more precision.

Whatever coil stock, mitre shearing, square cut, step-lap cores, fully assembled cores, AEM Unicore cores, and DG core specifications you have, TC Metal can provide it with the industry’s shortest lead time.

TC Metal maintains a large inventory of grain oriented (GOES) and non oriented (NOES) electrical steel at all times in our 100,000-square-foot service center. This results in end users saving money because they can keep a smaller inventory at their locations.


We Don’t Just Talk Quality; We Build It

We at TC Metal believe that we produce higher efficiency cores. We believe our high quality standards, produce the highest cores in the industry. This is why the industry’s highest efficiency transformers rely on our cores.

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TC Metal wants you to make delivery of your order as easy as possible. For that reason, we offer you two shipping options.

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