Distributed Gap Cores (often referred to as “DG Cores”) are a type of wound core representing a group of cores with a single cut per lamination. They are utilized in distribution transformers primarily in single phase and three phase (“Evans”) configurations.

TC Metal manufactures DG Cores in a multitude of configurations depending on customer design specifications and application requirements. Gaps can be placed on the side or on the end of each lap.

Additionally, the gaps can be configured in a straight cut face, diverging face and End Over lap face. The number and location of the gaps increase performance while at the same time reducing the assembly time of the unit.
Unicore Cores
Unicore technology is cutting-edge. It creates the highest quality, best performing DG Gap cores in the industry.

TC Metal recognized this in its quest to be at the forefront of technology. We have more Unicore machines in operation than any other electrical steel service center in western North America.

We are manufacturing products to the most precise standards in the industry. This translates to less materials for the end-user and less labor to create products with long-term reliability and higher efficiencies.