TC Metal offers one of the widest selections of grain-oriented electrical steel and non-oriented electrical steel grades and gauges in the industry. This allows you to optimize both the operational parameters of your transformers and their value.

TC Metal production engineers have years of experience. They can assist you in selecting the best electrical steel choice based on the application of your product.

TC Metal operates 3 slitting lines at two locations to provide you the shortest lead times in the industry. We also work routinely with customer Kanban, Just-in-Time (JIT), and stocking requirements.

Available grades/gauges include:

Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Non-Oriented Electrical Steel
.18mm (.007) M2 .35mm (.014) M10
.23mm (.009) M3 .35mm (.014) M15/N250
.23mm (.009) MOH/Hi-B .35mm (.014) M19/N270
.23mm (.009) DR-MOH/Hi-B
.27mm (.011) M4
.27mm (.011) MOH/Hi-B
.27mm (.011) DR-MOH/Hi-B
.30mm (.012) M5
.35mm (.014) M6

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